Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Droning On

Taken from the letters section of the Belfast Telegraph: Northern Ireland's number newspaper, like a fluffy blog but in print, full of typos and incorrect facts but if the people here wanted good reporting they would buy an Irish paper. 
The use of drones incompatible with honour
Would the drone controller join veterans at the Cenotaph? Could they have honours displayed?Sitting comfortably in front of a computer screen, pressing a key extinguishing a life, or lives, is a horror not to be experienced. 
Yet this is Government employment for some UK and US citizens.

Would you want a person in this job to be part of your family? What would be their response when their spouse asked: "Did you have a good day?" or their child asked: "What do you do?"

Is not warfare without chivalry simply murder? Shouldn't the enemy have a chance of defence?


Bessbrook, Co Armagh

Hmmm very interesting points, I take it from yer name (Catholic) and where you are from (bandit country) you don't like the military.  Issues about helicopters and security patrols are pushing through. I patrolled doon yer way back in the day and I'll have you know I always held the door open before I shot weemen, in the back of the head  ..... cos Old Knudsen is chivalrous.

You stupid hoor, there is nothing chivalrous about war. Its killing the enemy and being alive and in good shape to kill the next. I bet ya still call the IRA freedom fucking fighters.

Would I want a member of the armed forces as part of my family? What kind of an idiot question is that? Yer moral superiority drips like shit!  Theres a reason you aren't speaking German though I doubt that you wouldn't mind. 

"Did you have a good day?" well its a job. "What do you do?" I kept the world just a little bit safer from the bad men honey.

This letter offends Old Knudsen and the fact that it was good enough for the Telegraph to print says it all.
In SoCal when the paper printed an idiot letter like this it was to generate counter letters. Old Knudsen had to work hard to get his 'good' letters printed then you have this shite.

Ms Rice, there are no longer romanticized caber charges into unarmed Indian villages or the thin red line standing off against 1000 fuzzies with sticks against 100 rifles. That wasn't chivalry man on man that was bloody death, clawing at each other after the bullets ran out. I bet they would love to have been 10,000 miles away drinking a big gulp , eating skittles and taking out some trouble makers.

One in three killed by drones are innocents, the scumbags shouldn't think that they can do what they do and still have a normal family life with their kids after killing someone elses kids. I'm sure if the sandsavages could work out who pressed the button they would kill them .... or anyone cos they are cunts.

We've been recently watching the Israeli Iron defense shield in action. Thats some young buck hyped up on sugar taking out the missiles that are about to land on his people.

Would you not be proud to have someone like that as part of yer family Ms Rice?

World of Warcraft was useful for something

You do know that President Obama is the one who is giving the ok to drone attacks right? He has tripled the amount of drone missions once he took over from Bush. How does he sleep at night after killing 50 people with a wave of a pen? Its the job, shit happens, do you think his kids and wife are proud of him? 

The apparent civilian stupidity in this letter is astounding. Punch yerself in the face, go enlist and then come back and talk to me when you know something.