Thursday, 15 November 2012

Do You Believe In Magic?

A disgusting evil incubus of Satan, you'd have to be under some powerful spell to chose this vile creature over yer ma.
Dear Old Knudsen

I need help with an evil incubus. She has taken my son away and now my grand children are in her house. Soon to be gone just like my son. She is no blood family member. Just an evil person. 10 years she has tormented me. What do I do?

Frustrated Ohio 

Dear frustrated
Get a disposable paper decorators suit , shoe protectors, rubber gloves and face mask, wait until this evil incubus is a lone in the hoose then go in and blast her with a 12 gauge of rock salt to neutralize her power and then with an iron knife hack her into pieces.   Pull out some drawers like yer stealing shit and get out.... all unseen if possible. 
Yer computer at home while be logged on to some site, yer pet bird that you've been training will be pecking at the keyboard for treats to show you've been working online. Dispose of all yer clothes and yer weapon, volcanoes are the best for this.
Get home, log off and shower then go and clean doon the kitchen with bleach as a distraction. 
Yer son and grandchildren will be starting to cum round and out of the daze of this spell. Soon they will have forgotten about this evil creature and be living with you eating home made cookies and doing what you tell them to do.
This was actually a true question I just read on the line. I often go around the various religious sites looking for converts, this one being a Wiccan ..... is that really a religion? You aren't a religion until you persecute people in the name of yer God.  

Families would never have people they just don't get on with so therefore shes EVIL!!!!  I just hope that my reply was helpful. Remember, salt and iron. Also the last thing you want to do is get arrested for killing a mythological creature hiding in human form and don't feel guilty because they aren't real people.

Another true problem.

Dear Old Knudsen
i need to ask for some help. it seems that i'm having some issues thatt need attention now!! i have had things happen in the past that run in three's and in the last week i've had 2 things happen. what i'm asking is no for myself bu for those close to me, it is for protection. i'm no able to do so myself so i really need help....PLEASE... before anyone else gets hurt.
Worried Florida
Dear worried
If I lived in Florida with all those zombies I'd be worried too. A Sig  P-239is what you need. 
Maybe being a crack addicted prostitute who aided in the sex trafficking of young Mexican gurls finally caught up with her so now she needs a bag full of herbs for protection to stop the police from figuring out that it was her.  It is really odd how some people live their lives and are then surprised when things go wrong.