Friday, 16 November 2012

David McConaghie Likes To Watch

David McConaghie aged 47 was a  chief advisor to DUP politician  David Simpson. A prominent creationist and preacher with the Free Presbyterian church and one of the founding members of the evil Caleb Foundation that wants to take over Northern Ireland and run it according to their Bible... Catholics need not apply, you'll be the slave race.

A former Pentecostal preacher until he upgraded to Free Presbyterian he had it all going for him. Writing church propaganda, advising political leaders on the best way to oppress the people. He loves long walks on the beach, trying to destroy Northern Ireland's only women's well being clinic and getting creationism onto the school curriculum .... life was good.

Until  a camera was found inside a toilet cubicle at the DUP constituency office in Portadown ... Northern Ireland.
I guess the upstanding church leader and Orange Order member enjoyed taping people like his boss David Simpson taking a shit, maybe as he tugged his lad to Mr Simpson pushing one out he got inspiration for his creationist press releases and sermons like the one titled Grace is poured into thy lips or as Mr Simpson took a morning glory he thought of the sermon I am the bright and morning star.

Mr Simpson who was the one that contacted the police felt dirty and violated as he gave this statement to the press in a shaky voice "I no longer employ this individual and he does not hold any office in the party. No further comment will be made on the matter."

The poor man couldn't even say his name. Did it ever occur to anyone that poor David may have been looking for God?

Yet another entitled, privileged churchman from the main party that holds the power in Northern Ireland showing his true colours.