Monday, 19 November 2012

David Beckham Rapes Cheer Leaders With His Eyes

Poor David Beckham, he can't sit at a Lakers game and watch the Laker gurls like everyone else ... oh whatever, blonde fit chicks, its Callyfornia for fucks sake, throw a stick and you hit a hot chick. She'll sue you for every penny you have if you go around throwing sticks though.

He sits at a Lakers game with those harlots wiggling their firm bodies in front of him and if David looks in their direction even once, one of the cameras trained on him will get it.  The next day, "Beckham was at a basketball game but can't keep his eyes off the cheer leaders."  The poor guy, give him a break hes married to ....

Posh Spice, she isn't really posh, maybe the people that named her thought that being posh was a miserable looking weregurl. Maybe for hookers she looks posh.

I bet this harsh looking stick pig is a demon in the sack, I also bet shes shite in bed though.

During half time or what ever they call it poor David has to ignore the weemen who are up there working it hard.
He has to find his sandwich even more interesting than.

Caught ya!  This picture was in a piece with the title, 'David Beckham ogles Laker girls.' Look at the rape in his eyes...

David trying to figure out if he needs to pee or not

I bet Posh gave him a right bollocking. "How dare you show me up, we're a fucking classy celeb couple, the sweet hearts of the British nation, even though we don't live in that fucking hole."

If you don't have a Beckham sandwich then find the next best thing. "Hey Justin, heard you ralphed all over the stage .... neat."

A ham sandwich is probably more intelligent than Bieber .

"Its ok little gurl, you can sit with us until you find your momma." sticks out chest and does lame gang sign, "I'm a man .... baby."