Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bloomberg You Muppet

Mayor Mayor of New York Michael Rubens Bloomberg the 10th richest man in the United States needs to pull his elitist privileged finger out. We've had enough rich man shite from Romney. We get it, you don't care as long as you look good.

Bloomberg was one of the twats who wanted the NYC marathon to go ahead. Hes a stubborn arse so I can just imagine his hissy fit, 'we want to show the world that NY is up and running' even though more than a million homes and businesses are still without power but there were buses shuttling people to poll stations.... priorities?
Bloomberg has weathered the storm and has made his statements about how there are shelters for all if needed, hes done.

What that means is we're covered. If you aren't able to get to them it isn't our problem. Why is Old Knudsen hearing from his NY sources about elderly housebound people with no heat or hot food? oh yeah thats because you have to get the well off areas sorted out first and leave the rest to generous New Yorkers or the ones that couldn't run the marathon and so ended up helping the displaced... Old Knudsen thanks you all.

Where is Bloomberg? where is the man who runs this city? well 16 hours ago he was waiting in line to vote for Obama. Glad he is doing his civic duty. Could he not have voted early when he knew a hurricane was on the way? ' well I had better vote now as I may be busy later' after waiting 45 minutes in line he then had to give his opinion on polling machines. Not a man in a hurry.  I was just reading about a family who had lost everything and really were not in any state to even consider voting... imagine being in that mind frame in which everything is overshadowed by loss.

Rudy Giuliani became a bit of a hero after 9/11 for the way he handled that crisis as Mayor. Bloomberg is a businessman who does not have the human touch, he'll never be a hero like that.

Like the war in Afghanistan, the forgotten people of hurricane Sandy will just drift out of the news. It will still be there to the people doing it, there will still be death and hardship but that will only make a blurb on page 6 but for the most it will fade away.

That is what politicians like Bloomberg count on. People like him do not like Old Knudsen because Old Knudsen does not let people forget.

Obama, yer still the preez. Old Knudsen once called you a one term wonder but then given the choice of having Romney in charge you were the best option .... for Gog's sake McCain picked Sarah Palin over Romney what does that tell ya?

Old Knudsen got you yer second term, now get off the home and get back to NYC , hug some people and kick some Bloomberg and FEMA ass.