Friday, 30 November 2012

Best Political Bitch Slap Of The Week

Northern Ireland's DUP Finance Minister Sammy Wilson

“I have to say that the Member's grasp of economics is as good as his grasp of changes in the climate, we all know why there is only one of him in the House when we hear a question like that."

“If he went and did a wee bit of economics first, he would not ask such stupid questions.”

Smug smug lets put down a someone who asks the great Sammy Wilson a question. heh heh, he said member's grasp. 

 Green Party leader Steven Agnew

“Well,you taught me.”

DUP Finance Minister Sammy Wilson

“He did not learn it from me!”

Not so smug now and what a crap come back. I like it when he goes all red faced and his jowls start to wobble. 

Steven Agnew attended Grosvenor High School 1991 - 1997 where Sammy Wilson taught economics. Agnew got an 'A' in his A-level course ..... well done you smart cunt. 

The winner, Green Party leader Steven Agnew

“I attended a revision course taught by Sammy. He was a good teacher. He should have stuck at it.”