Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Angry Man

Here is a representation of what it is currently like in Old Knudsen's head.... Yes some naked skinny bloke screaming distorted light with splatters of red rage.

Old Knudsen is a trained and disciplined warrior of lust, he isn't taken to bouts of rage .... well none that he can remember.

One thing that does annoy me is stupidity. There was so much stupidity during the US elections and its over flowed and is still happening. Ah the true patriots of the south yapping about secession from the union. Fucking well shut up you sour losers .... you losers!!! Lost the civil war, lost yer slaves and lost the election, lost yer brain cells to moonshine and snake handling. Soooo much fail. You say you love America so as soon as something happens that you don't like you want to get out.

It ain't gonna happen you racist dickheads with yer fake petitions.
On Remembrance Sunday some twat in England burned a poppy and posted it on Facebook. The police over reacted and arrested him. Old Knudsen would have kicked 10 shades of shite out of him so he got off lightly.

You can have yer anti-war protests if you want but on Remembrance Sunday or Veterans day let us have our time. Every day you should remember those who have died but you don't have to protest everyday?
To Old Knudsen burning a poppy isn't anti-war, its anti-soldier. Poppies are used to represent the fallen. Poppies are people!

So protesting on Veterans day. If you don't like the commercialism of  Christmas do you break into houses and smash up children's toys? ... you probably do you cunt.

The Poppy day massacre or Poppy day bombing in Enniskillen in 1987 when the IRA killed 11 people as they stood at the war memorial paying tribute to the dead. Gordon Wilson lost his daughter Marie who was a nurse. They were caught in the rubble of a building. He held her hand and comforted her as she lay dying, her last words were, "Daddy, I love you very much", he went onto become a peace campaigner he begged loyalists not to seek revenge and even forgave the IRA.

I would have killed every last one of them, forgiveness is more than they deserved.  

Maybe Old Knudsen has issues about cunts raining on the parade.

Then on Facebook:  "Anyone else love destroying soldier's graves? I do."

On a page of sick jokes and pictures this went too far. Their Amanda Todd hanging jokes went too far but I thought, 'well maybe they are just getting on like 12 year-olds cos thats what they are' but no, the funny left their page. I unliked it and reported the picture that I and many others found offensive. The picture is not up anymore and they sent me some vague insulting message ... whatever, cunts!

Sooo I'm ready to tear apart the next person who looks at me wrong. Its funny, when you walk about feeling like that, the fat cocky bloke with the attitude who lives nearby doesn't make eye contact with you and even avoids you when you go out of yer way to be near him.

When something makes you angry it has control over you .... I just want to punch someone out not discuss me fucking feelings.

So I think to meself, I'll stay off the line for a bit because people seem to be going out of their way to annoy me.


Savita Halappanavar, a pretty 31 year-old dentist living in Galway, Ireland. She was 17 weeks pregnant and was rushed to hospital with back pain.

It turned out that it was quite serious and there was no way that the baby would live. The doctors told her it would be a couple of hours and the baby would come out. Savita went through 3 days of agony. Both she and her husband asked several times to terminate the pregnancy but they were told no, they were actually told that she was young and she'd get over it. They were also told that because Ireland was a Catholic cuntry it was against the law to have an abortion ..... even though they knew the baby would die.
Savita kept getting worse but the hospital staff wouldn't do anything while there was a fetal heartbeat.

She developed septicaemia and E Coli and died.

'An unviable foetus...was given priority over the woman's life' Instead of saving the woman's life they let both of them die .... because Ireland is a Catholic cuntry and its illegal.

She was a happy, young, educated, professional woman expecting her first child, she could have went on to have other children and have a good life after the tragedy of losing her first but no. Because of Catholic fucktards. 
The anti-choice Protestants in Northern Ireland are just as bad. Christian religion being used to dictate healthcare issues, thats just as bad as the Taliban and the rest that think they are the chosen ones.

Northern Ireland health minister Edwin Poots wants to use all the public money he can get to find a legal way to close down Northern Ireland's first woman's well being clinic. The Marie Stopes clinic has said it will carry out medical, not surgical, procedures only up to nine weeks gestation and only within the existing legal framework.

Its better than weemen getting pills off the Interweb and doing it in their homes without medical staff present.

Right now weemen have to go to England or Scotland for an abortion. The travel and boarding expenses puts many off. Irish citizens from the Republic of Ireland aren't covered under the NHS, if they went to a private clinic and paid through the nose they can.

Old Knudsen is angry .....

All religions based around the Christian God have become my foe as I am sick of the stupidity and child abuse.
I'm not denying the existence of yer deity as I believe they things can be created by thought.

I am saying that yer god is cruel and mean and so are many of his followers, yer religion enables abuse and starts unnecessary wars.

All the things that have made him angry have involved religion and stupidity. I'm done being tolerant.

You are a fuckwit! yer religion does so much harm and yet you still support it. Old Knudsen is just an old heathen so don't take any notice of him .... just live in denial and pretend yer in some special club that will live in harmony forever when you die.

Would Jesus burn poppies and gloat about the dead? Would Jesus let Savita die?

Yer Christian, Muslim and Jewish religion has fucked up the world so much .... and still is . Old Knudsen does not have any time for yer shite. Hes been tolerant for too long like a slapped around wife who has put up with it.

Away an Fuck!