Monday, 19 November 2012

A Walking Observation

Old Knudsen doesn't watch TV shows with singing and dancing :::checks shorts:::: Old Knudsen is a man!!!
He watches The walking dead, Fringe, Dexter, American horror story and sometimes Qunicy ... don't fuck with me or I'll choke you to death with the long white pubes of me balls.

David Morrissey who was once in Dr Who oh oh which I also watch even though this last season sucked is now in The Walking dead.
Hes a big tall fella with a caveman brow and small cruel lips and reminds me of Liam Neeson, except Morrissey can act.
Little stuff like there is something going on in his head. Neeson does a blank bad eyesight stare. 

What do ya mean I can't act, have you not seen The A-team?

Why yes I did and I glad I didn't pay to watch it. Oh and yer American accent .... American by way of Ballymena ?

Nearly as good as Sean Connery's Irish accent in The Untouchables which he won an Oscar for which shows you what an ear the Yanks have for accents.