Saturday, 13 October 2012

Young Conway Volunteers Full Of Fail

Eleven members of The Young Conway Volunteers flute band have been arrested. The big brave manly men were videoed playing anti-Catholic tunes outside St Patrick's Church in Belfast on 12 July.
Well done police on yer swift justice, only 2 months ....... so glad ya waited until after the other parades were over before dispensing justice.
I understand you didn't want to give anyone the excuse to cause trouble at times when many of loyalists were together and drinking thus making them brave in numbers and having courage with the drink but really, grow some balls and smash their fucking heads. 

11 males, aged between 15 and 42, were arrested on suspicion of provocative conduct. Three others were also interviewed by police.
"What is yer ideal Sunday?" ........ "After ma hangover I have a litre bottle of Buckfast to tide me over until I start drinking, then I meet up with some mates and we look for an easy target to bully or maybe something to vandalize..... don't fuck with me an me mates, its our culture."

"Very good sir, if you were a tree what kind would you be?" .......... "A sunflower."

Well at least the police have done something for a change. All we have to do is arrest yon dickhead bandsman that urinated on the Catholic church during the Covenant march.

Now you'll have the Orange Order complaining that their culture is being infringed upon and that the police is pandering to Irish Republicans who want to destroy Protestantism. Nothing about upholding the law oh no its all about them.