Saturday, 13 October 2012

Well Used Slightly Damaged Penis, Need Mint Condition Vagina

Mickey Rourke waiting for a doctor? ......... fucking NHS.

This post is just for the straight men in the hoose who only like the ladies. Its also a post that makes me understand what some people often say about Old Knudsen. Don't worry, he says the same about you.

If you could take any man and swap his penis with a vagina for a sex date who would you swap?

Yeah its the question that many men often ponder.

If they deny it they are probably lying, men lie ......... am I right am I right?

Its no ghey, why not give yer man some boobs as well.

Yep good choice, any more than a handful is a waste.

No doubt you have already got yer answer since 8 out of ten men think about sticking their dick into something/one 97% of their waking day . These facts were proven to be true in 66% of surveys that weren't made up 43% of the time.

Well it can't just be Old Knudsen who has these thoughts.