Thursday, 18 October 2012

Value For Money


Asshole Kutcher  'Mr 12,733,980 followers tuning in to see a skydive goes horribly wrong video or a reminder to watch Two and a half men on Twitter' is the highest paid TV actor making an estimated $24 million.

Old Knudsen asks the question WTF? does Kutcher have tiger blood? is he a particularly good actor? Is he a really nice guy?

I don't think so. $24 million a year, must be a really important job. A US president gets $400,000 plus expenses, no wonder they don't try very hard. George W Bush was the one to give himself a 50% pay rise because he thought he was doing such a good job.... fuck the economy eh George.

Jon Cryer his co-star who just won an Emmy brings in around $13 million.... Fucking loser, try harder you slack cunt.

If you watch this show, if you like this show, punch yerself in the head.  

"Stuck in the front row watching a Lakers game FML, heres a bubbles in space video I hope you enjoy, remember to watch Two and a half men tonight."

If yer famous enough you have someone else do yer Twitting for you. I think Asshole can afford it. I also think that when Kevin Smith puts up links on FaceBook to buy Clerks 2 merchandise its him doing it.
Which is sad cos I like Smith far better than Kutcher. Work with me Kev, we could make a shitload of cash. 
Clerks 2? it came out in 2006, wasn't a massive hit and Old Knudsen hasn't even gotten around to watching yet.
I'd buy a Jersey Gurl t-shirt but not a Clerks 2 shirt.

Buy Clerks 2 stuff, all the cool kids are.