Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Big Questions In Life

The world can be a frightening and confusing place to be at times. You are born and you scamper about trying to have sex and to own nice shiny things until you realise that yer just an insignificant  moving meat sack carrying a magical ethereal cargo otherwise known as the soul.

Or ya go huh, whats he talking about? and have a wank.

I am here to answer yer questions because how stupid is it to live knowing fuck all and then to die expecting to have it all answered then?
Well yeah that is pretty stoopid now that you think about it.Why the fuck would God want a boring cunt like you in Heaven?

Old Knudsen will answer all the important questions for you.

NO! its not true, don't listen to her.

This is the car of a carpenter.

And what does God look like?

God made man in his image, not every man obviously, just Nicolas Cage.

Ever wonder why Allah doesn't like photos of himself?

Well hes very insecure about his looks.

Next week I shall answer the question, "Why the fuck to I read this idiotic blog?"