Sunday, 7 October 2012

The BBC Pedo Crew

Jimmy Savile the radio DJ and TV presenter has had loads of claims that came out after his death that he regularly abused young gurls. More and more claims and stories are coming out from those he abused and those he worked with saying that everyone knew but Savile who had been knighted by the Queen and the Pope had a lot of influence that could lose you yer job or stop millions going to charity and it would be yer fault.

Savile even stood up for Gary Glitter when he was accused of being a pedo. Now there are claims that Savile, Glitter and another TV personality who remains unnamed assaulted young gurls in their dressing room.

Former big star of the 70's is comedian Freddie Starr who took out an injunction so his name would not be used in the Savile documentary denies that he was a part of their pedo crew.

Starr who has had a turbulent career based on shock will sue yer ass if you say hes a pedo, he says he hates pedos and if Savile did these things then hes a scumbag.

Starr totally denies being a molester of young gurls ......... the ex-alcoholic and druggie also denies that he ever drank too.

For yer information Starr is also another one that Old Knudsen does not like .... says it all.