Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sound Of Music Re-make

Liam Neeson is a busy man this year, on the heels of Taken 2 is the re-make of The sound of music.

Set in modern day LA, Maria (Megan Fox) meets burnt out on the edge LA cop (Neeson) who is investigating disappearances of the children at the orphanage Fox works in. Neeson's character Sgt Don Trap is still recovering from losing his wife and child in a horrendous roller coaster ride accident at Six Flags, a tortured soul he is also wrestling with the demons of drink and finding comfort in the arms of hookers.

To bring the movie to a modern day audience directer Robert Allen has replaced the singing with violence and explosions. The hills may be alive but not for long.
Neeson and Fox find themselves battling an underworld crime syndicate who are selling the children to evil Arabs via an underground network of um underground tunnels that lead from LA to the Middle East and not everyone who works at the orphanage are what they say they are.... there might be Mormons. 

In a nod to the original, one of the characters ask, "what are we going to do with Maria?" only to get the reply, "kill the bitch."

Great performances all round, with Tom Sizemore doing a surprise cameo as the Pope. The movie is a high adrenaline rush from start to finish that will keep you on the edge of your seats.
The sexual chemistry between the two leads is so thick you could beat a hobo to death with it.    

You don't get many movies like this one, a must see for all the family.