Saturday, 20 October 2012

Show Me The Romney

Ya know those 1950's movies and TV shows in which there are aliens amongst us and they all look kinda similar and they are all clean cut serious looking fellas? Not that I'm saying the Romneys are aliens. You decide that for yerself.

Tagg Romney (far right of course) owns a company called Solamere Capital, I'm sure its only  coincidence that it has invested heavily in electronic voting machines to be used next month in the critical swing state of Ohio.

You want to make money so you take the millions yer dad has given you and invest in something that everyone needs, voting machines.

Oh no, I don't see anything suspicious going on here.  Is Taggart named after the game Tag ? more likely hes named after the piece of shit stuck to the hairs on yer arse that you can't shake off known as a tagnut.

Meanwhile younger brother Josh is helping his father's campaign by sitting in the audience of Obama's debate with Mitt and trying to kill Obama with his mind. 

The Romneys are like a creepier version of the Kennedys but with no people manipulating skills.