Sunday, 14 October 2012

Send In The Cows

 Ah Milan!

The Cow Parade is a world wide art exhibit in which fiberglass cows are made and painted by local artists and communities. The cows are then put on display in the towns and cities across the world. After a couple of months the cows are auctioned for charity.

Some cows on display in Belfast.

This cow is to raise money for a North Carolina children's hospital.

Lets get back to the Northern Ireland cows, isn't this a fun way to unite the world and make it a better place?


Two of the fibreglass animals which form part of the CowParade Northern Ireland were targeted by vandals in Londonderry/Derry/Rape City ...... whatever you want to call that hole.
They were located in the heart of the city at a landscaped park. It turns out that other cows have been damaged on other occasions.
These artworks were created by people in several communities across the city and weeks of work went into them, they will/were to be auctioned off next month. 
Well thats fucking fabulous and very fucking typical of Northern Ireland.

Well done Derry! you've done us proud yet again.