Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Scary Post

I am death warmed up, I am the Lord of the dance settee. I shit ying and piss with me yang, I am the alpha and the Omega 3, there can be only one as I am discontinued .

Its all hallows eve or as we call it in Ireland the Isle of Destiny ........ hump day. A time when you can cross half way to the other side and meet with dear departed loved ones or if they didn't like you they'll send their mates round to fuck you up with FEAR. A night when anything is possible and yes you are being watched.

Halloween time. I was just out with a couple of mates that I dug up.

Yer worse fear about getting molested by clown may becum reality.

Get or give head, who doesn't like head?

Did you enjoy the recent full moon?

Oh boy, an evil tongue at both ends.

Ok stop being a fraidy cat the post is over.