Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Romney's Puppy Eyes

Romney doesn't let the media bother him. He lives in his own elitist bubble in which people are better than others due to the size of their bank balance and what church they belong to, a world in which single parents are responsible for gun violence because every child needs a mother and a father ... you know, like Ted Bundy had and a world in which he has to be told to hire qualified weemen as found in his binders of muff.

The man who said that FEMA and giving government assistance was immoral even though hes laundered millions of dollars through what is listed on his tax returns as “charitable donations” by exploiting loopholes in the law.... is that immoral? 
You don't get rich by paying taxes and giving money to charity ya know and Romney intends to stay rich.

Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey has become a fan of Obama. Not only did he get the President's personal phone line but has been in constant contact with him. When Obama asked what he could do to help, Christie said, 'make New Jersey a major disaster zone so they can get federal aid faster to clean up the damage' two hours later it was done. 

Can you see Romney doing that?  Romney instead planned a photo-op touring the disaster site. The Governor said that he would not be joining the presidential wanna be as he had a job to do. Just stay out of the way Romney unless you want to donate a few million, Donald Trump has 5 million to waste on his whims and you could buy and sell that cunt.

Why isn't Romney working with aid agencies ?  the man can certainly afford it ... oh yeah, he makes money he doesn't give it to others. Public opinion is not gained by fake photo ops like cleaning clean pans at a homeless shelter.

Look at Romney's latest expression, thats called sympathy. Its a new one but I think the eye watering is a nice touch. Of course its actions not words that counts as Romney's opinion changes with the wind.
If you vote for Romney you obviously hate America, it doesn't take a genius to see that Romney is a bad un.