Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Romney Wants To Rule The World

Depending what mood hes in as hes very volatile and flip flops more than John Kerry did.  

Mitt Romney has promised to restore U.S. foreign policy to a traditional role dating back decades, based on exerting global influence through military and economic power.

Vietnam and Korea were such successes so why not?  Also hes big on increasing made in the USA products..... not! 
At the Virginia Military Institute, Romney argued that Obama is failing to provide the global leadership needed and expected by the rest of the world, especially key allies such as Israel.

Romney has a keen military mind since he served in the .......... well never mind, hes rich so therefore knows better automatically. Nothing the military like better than a civvie draft dodger telling them what they should be thinking.

Yes the rest of the world needs the US to be a leader, well except we um don't. The US makes a mess and then sends in NATO, anyone can do that.

Israel is the more dominant partner in the Israel/US relationship anyway. They proceed with the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians with U.S. weapons and the U.S. looks the other way. Oh poor Israel, such a victim against those nasty Arabs who fire missiles while all the Jews are doing is taking their land and push them into ghettos, so not fair.

You can't be against Jews because of the holocaust, just the same as you can't say anything against black people because of slavery .... just ask Trayvon Martin.  Such an angel.

Romney cited recent protests and violence in Arab countries, including an attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya that killed the American ambassador and three others, as examples of a worsening security situation that he blamed on Obama's policies.

Well yeah that was fucked up. Not much you can do against RPGs with two soldiers. Thats down to procedure not policy as 9/11 was coming up, it doesn't take much to consider that yer embassies in sand savage lands may need extra troops.... fucking civvies in charge. 

"It is our responsibility and the responsibility of our president to use America's great power to shape history — not to lead from behind, leaving our destiny at the mercy of events," 

Thats the kind of talk that made Hitler great and Romney if anyone is insane enough to be another Hitler its you my friend. 

Romney's bum chum Paul Ryan said: 

"If we project weakness abroad, our adversaries are that much more willing to test us, to question our resolve."

Old Knudsen has been saying this for years. Al Qaeda are fearless as are the Taliban. They don't care if someone criticizes them, they don't have Wikileaks chipping away at their support.  
Many are confused over Romney's foreign policy. Having a strong military is not foreign policy. Old Knudsen thinks you should always have a strong military and use them for civilian work when not at war or training.
Never mind horses and bayonets, you should always have warships, renting a warship from another nation is so unprofessional . 

Romney wants to rule the world, it would have to be by force as he has no charm. His leading man looks can only take him so far.

During the last debate Romney told Obama that you can't kill yer way out of  the wars of terror.
That statement goes against everything he and Ryan just said about strength and weakness.

You can kill yer way out of it as that is what war is. Last man standing wins.... like duh! what are you going to do talk peace with Islamic fanatics?  Kill one third of the male population in the Middle East and you'll soon see peace.

Some people just need a good killing ....... see prisons.

Its very hard to support Romney if hes gonna do back flips on everything and just not make sense. Looks like I'll have to go back to supporting Obama again as only a total idiot who doesn't do research on Romney and his policies could vote for him.

"Uh yeah I'm votin Romney cos hes rich an better an me and probably knows better about things. Also hes white an white people are awesome!"

A billionaire really knows what the common citizen wants and really cares. 
Obama is probably a better Republican than Romney if you look at their policies. Obama is continuing the great work that Bush started and has even gone a step further than Bush managed.

As usual there is not much choice but really how stupid do you have to be to vote Romney?