Monday, 22 October 2012

Poots Does Boston

I'm no big eared buck toothed hick in a cheap suit, I'm from Northern Ireland.

Edwin Poots the Northern Ireland health minister is in the US of A on a drop of business. Meeting with European and US health care leaders he will address an international conference in Boston.

"um yeah well recently discovered that when health workers use taps, or as you call them faucets they pass on another newly discovered phenomena called germs and this kills babies ... fuck me did that cause a ton of trouble for us so we installed state of the art tap handles you can use with yer elbow ...... what do you mean you've had these since the 70's? next you'll say you don't use straight tap water to wash new borns with."

Poots the creationist farmer in charge of our health care refuses to have automatic doors and wash room taps with sensors on them as thats witchcraft! 

This good Protestant man is Northern Ireland's ruling elite ..... our elite isn't that elite. Hes in the US to convince drug companies to test their new drugs on the Northern Ireland people.  Heres what they do here. 'Hurry come and get yer flu shot' good luck on finding anyone that has it or 'Mind yer head, a program to combat mental illness' if yer determined enough after a long referral you'll spend a few weeks getting talking doon to and being told you need to get out and go for a walk to beat yer suicidal depression, then yer done.

Its a joke. Every doctor's visit is a rushed 10 minutes. They don't even weigh you or take yer blood pressure and its hit and miss if a nurse or doctor uses gloves to give you an injection.

The US health care system is terrible but the standard of care is far higher than here. Poots should stay over there and maybe learn a few of the basics they figured out 40 years ago.