Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Old Knudsen Tackles Weemen

Julia Gillard cupping imaginary gonads. 

Old Knudsen saw this amazing rant given by Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard. The speaker of the hoose Peter Slipper was swapping playful texts with adviser James Ashby who is a ghey homosexual, laced full of innuendo about ghey life and yer friend is just an ignorant botch, oh and calling someone a cunt, men like cunts but ''They look like mussell (sic) removed from its shell. Look at a bottle of mussel meat. Salty Cunts in brine.'' etc.

Slipper is obviously thinking about stepping out of the closet.
 Slipper with his wife, when he cums out I've got dibs on the wife.

The texts were made public and there was also an investigation into expenses fraud, oh dear Peter you have been an inappropriate boy.  
In an unpopular move, Julia Gillard stood by Slipper. Already on a slippery slope Gillard looked to be on the way to losing the next election. The opposition as led by

Tony Abbott then saw his moment and went on about sexism and how this whole thing isn't good enough. 

Gillard wasn't having any of this, she went on the attack, there was no where else for her to go. 

 Hes a cunt and I should know.

She was already pissed off at a junior MP saying that her father died of shame because of her lies, Abbott didn't reprimand him at all about that offensive disrespectful comment... she lost her Da and some cunt is laughing about it WTF!  

She started in, never mind "vile'' text messages I don't want to hear a speech from you about sexism. Then she went on to say.
In 2004 Tony was in a discussion and when asked about weemen being underrepresented in da hoose and institutions of authority . he replied asking, 'was that necessarily a bad thing?' then when told that someone wanted their daughter to have the same opportunities as their son he said 'maybe men have a better temperament to command than weemen......... ouch! 

She also kindly pointed out that when Abbot was the minister for health he stated that abortion was the easy way out. The last time Old Knudsen looked there was nothing easy about abortion.

Abbot was silly enough to say what numerous MPs think. Its like being a politician means that you have to hate the people you are supposed to serve.
David Cameron thinks just as little about weemen, he thought it was amusing to tell a female MP to  "calm down, dear" hold on a mo, did we warp to the 1980's ? I know the 80's were a fine time for conservatives but get over it. 

The Prime minister accused Ed Miliband, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, of being insufficiently macho, noting that he brings his junior colleague, the shadow chancellor, coffee every morning.
“That is how assertive and butch the leader of the opposition really is,” the prime minister said in a mocking way.

Sounds like Miliband might just be a nice guy and unlike Cameron a total cunt. Old Knudsen must think that Cameron is so insecure that he has to have a pecking order even for beverages. 

Gillard showing she has bigger balls than the guys or if you want to belittle them call them The Boys

She was spot on as he left himself open to attack. If she doesn't win support over this then there is no hope.

Is this weemen's time to eventually overcum sexism and mysoginy? I think it is long over due. It should have been 4 years ago with Hilary Clinton but Obama got in and it wasn't the right time to overcum racism yet, that has had it chances with MLK and Rosa Parks but if it doesn't have any follow through instead of playing the victim card you won't get anywhere.

There is a waiting list due to degrees of what can be accepted at that time in the world. In the US African Americans being granted "honorary white status" and being allowed to vote in 1870 while weemen had to wait until 1920. Native Americans got it in 1924.

In the UK , Ireland and Germany women got the vote in 1918, French women got the vote in 1947 and Swiss women got the vote in 1970. Iranian weemen had to wait until 1980.

Like the Arab spring everything has its right time. You can be told something many times and it just flies past you but one day you hear it and you stop and think and it changes yer perception..... because you are now ready to understand and accept it.

Its odd, maybe its a maturity thing or its that right time in life guide yer destiny.

Old Knudsen thinks its weemen's time right now, you know what men do to keep you in yer place, they call you dear, pet, darlin, honey or love .... they don't know who you are and are not close to you they have this term they use because that is what you are to them.
Some use these terms in perfectly innocent ways but they really aren't helping by being innocently offensive.
Well we've always done it this way ......... Old Knudsen hears that and foams at the mouth. Or Its procedure. Never think for yerself then? 

Another way to keep the sister doon is explaining her away as a bitch when shes in charge but if a man did the same thing you'd say he was a leader.
You can also say its their period or time of the month when they tear some idiot a new one.

The jokes about weemen and their ways are more and widely known than any about men, "ha ha he leaves the seat up or throws his socks on the floor" lets just give him a free pass for being lazy and inconsiderate because the woman is there to put up with it and clean up after him and anyway .... boys will be boys.

We play into these roles and accept them but why should we?