Sunday, 28 October 2012

Old Knudsen Invents Misery Upmanship

Misery Upmanship ...... to teach someone for making a glib comment about any thing that could cause sorrow in order to put them in their place.

Mainly used by the bitter and the socially awkward. 


Person #1: Justin Bieber's music makes me want to shoot myself.   

Person#2: My father shot himself.

Person #1: Um ok, but really given the choice between his music and cancer I'd choose cancer.

Person#2: He shot himself because he had cancer.

Person#1: Shit! I mean aids, I'd rather have aids than go to a Bieber concert.

Person#2: My best friend died of aids.

Person#1: Run over by a space shuttle?

Person#2: My friend's uncle's niece .....  

Misery Upmanship only works if the person making the glib comment gives a fuck.