Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nick Griffin Is An Orangeman

Seen here during a parade in London 2007

Nick Griffin the leader of the BNP is colour blind, yes the one eyed fucker can only see orange.... unless hes on the Viagra cos then he only sees blue.  Just as well as he has been a firm supporter of the Orange Order since 1976 and you just know that the Orange Order have quite a few Viagra addicts in their numbers.

Griffin who attended the Ulster Covenant celebration in Belfast in which 30,000 ugly fuckers celebrated the time in 1912 that Ulster Protestants in a demonstration to show just how British they were set up a militia to kill British troops .... huh?  well I'm sure it made sense at the time .... its a celebration of deifying the crown .... huh? OK fair enough its fucking stupid and the whole lot of them are traitors.
I'm sure the Queen is very proud of her government officials who took part ... not!

He was said to be along as a member of the public but was seen sashed up and getting his march on. He even threatened to flog a peasant who looked a bit Catholic his eyes were too close together.

The only reason we know he was there with his brothers in orange was because he made an offensive Tweet calling Catholics Fenians , he claims he received several abusive Tweets from Republican nationalists and couldn't think of anything better to call them. Griffin is more used to racial epithets as his political party are Nazi scum.

Just think, who else could have been there that we don't know about? who didn't mouth off on Twitter and went around the crowd of bitter balls unnoticed by the press? Well I can't see anything odd about yon orangemen here ..... can you?