Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New Star Wars Movies

So George Lucas needs to pay the rent. Hes negotiating with Disney to make 3 more Star Wars movies. Yeah!!! more shite.
There will be more CGI beasts, more CGI action and less plot, character development and originality as they drag the stories doon.

Luke Skywalker will be Luke Walkingframe. No hans will be lost but hips will shatter.

The movies will continue on after Return of the Jedi and Lucas has been in talks with One Direction to star as the main Characters.
They have the hair and can't act..... perfect!

Star Wars the early years will be on screens next year to wet yer appetites. Jimmy Savile, a firm fav with the kids was originally to play Obi Wan but his death got in the way of production... A holographic Savile maybe? 

Carrie Fisher who played the original Princess Leia will not be in the movies as her face scares young kids. 

 Who will be the new Princess Leia?

 Old Knudsen wouldn't mind destroying Kim Kardashian's death star

 Auctions will be held in my bedroom.

 Put some hot chicks in the movies and who gives a shit about the rest?

Gary Glitter who is largely unknown to the US market will play the Speedo menace.