Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Big Fat Gypsy Snatch


There has been 300 complaints from members of the public and the Traveler community that the adverts of the reality show Big fat Gypsy wedding are offensive and racist.  The show is about dirty Irish Gypos or Travelers as they are called to be PC. Living, loving and being dirty thieves who'd curse you and steal yer washing if it was hanging out.  

Gypsies are just like normal Irish people, the only difference is that yer usual bog trotter has Internet access and can read, apart from that they are both exactly the same.

Orange or ultra white coloured skin, smoke, drink, swear and fight, try to con you out of yer money, at least 15 children per family, own a pony (even though living in flats) eat potatoes for every meal and have been having sex since the age of 10. 

Old Knudsen is sick of reading Irish blogs, "oh me pony isn't doing too well I tink I'll have to go to the supermarket and shoplift some veggies.... to be sure to be sure."

If you read Irish mommy blogs you get, "Me wee-an has been extra loud in public, screaming and kicking people, what a good fecking wee man he is ..... to be sure to be sure."   

Getting ready to go to Mass 

Irish people meeting in the street, "top O the morning .... thump, is it yerself? ...... crunch, goes elbow." 

Its not a crime to be Irish, sure it used to be and maybe that should be reviewed but at the moment its not a crime.
Its shameful that this honest depiction of life has been picked on, oh those poor vulnerable people with a priest around every corner ready to diddle yer child before you get the chance to. Those poor persecuted people who travel the country so the government can't keep up with their benefit scams. Its their culture to have poorly educated children with an unstable life, respect that foe fucks sake!

If you mock their culture you will find that yer actually mocking yer own gypsy soul that longs for the open road and to have sex with 12 year-old orange gurls. The wind blowing in yer face on the wild moors will be the wind of self-loathing.

Don't judge these offensive folk, embrace them ..... not literally of course or they'll keel ya!