Lord Carey telling his fellow man to talk to the hand.

Britain risks going the way of Nazi Germany and you know who is to blame? the money lending gheys with their black hats and their big hooked noses.

Speaking at an anti-gay marriage rally in Birmingham the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey said Christians had so far been "too timid" in their opposition to the government's plans.... pitchforks are the next logical step.

He also warned that those of faith could even begin to experience the persecution endured by the Jews in Nazi Germany if they dared to speak out if same-sex marriage laws were passed.

So if you are religious and say something like, "God hates fags" or "you'll burn in Hell faggots for ruining the sanctimony of marriage" you and yer family will be rounded up and sent to camps where you'll be starved and tortured? ......... good.  

"Remember that the Jews in Nazi Germany, what started it against them was when they were called names, that was the first stage towards that totalitarian state, it's part of a slippery slope where the unintended consequences could be shocking."

That was because they still appeared to do well when Germany was in the crapper and Hitler and his party needed a common enemy that wasn't them to unite against ..... not really the same thing here at all.

He added: "Same sex relationships are not the same as heterosexual relationships and should not be put on the same level."

Yes the Pope said that gheys were not properly developed people so it was ok to kill or sell them, we've heard it all before from you holy rollers.

Why does everyone compare everything to Hitler and the Nazis? cum up with something fucking original please oh and maybe something more relevant to the young hip people.

What about Kony?  He doesn't get invoked much.

"If Gheys were to be allowed to get married then this great nation would end up like Uganda!" There ya go, makes about as much sense as his little hissy fit. "Watch Kony 2012 and donate what you can."

Keep religion fucking well out of it. Studies have shown that 10 times out of 10 when religion is involved with social development and political decisions it gets fucked up big time and the harm can last for centuries. 

Where is the Christian love dude? ... all I seem to see is Christian hate. Stop living in fear, when ya die you'll be judged on yer life not their life, you've told them now move on ..... unless of course you don't really believe the horse shit the men in dresses (clergy)  peddle. 

Would Jesus be against people in love being happy together?