Tuesday, 30 October 2012


 Previously in Backwards Northern Ireland:

The marching season which happens every year occurs in which the Protestant Orange Order march where ever they want with bands wearing mock military outfits and playing protestant tunes to celebrate the 1690 victory of the battle of the Boyne.
The marches often go through or near Catholic areas or past churches. The Catholic community do not want this as these parades are nothing but intimidation from the Protestant majority and are often the cause of rioting from both sides.

This year Protestant bands disrespected a Catholic church by stopping in front of it and playing anti-Catholic tunes, there was major rioting in Protestant areas by Protestants and a bandsman urinated on another Catholic church.

The Parades Commission which is a government body that tries to have peaceful parades told the bands to respect the churches and only play hymns while walking past them or a single drum beat.

The last parade of this year's stretched out season went off peacefully, except for the last band which played drum solos on the way past.         

Sam McCrory, a past master of the Loyal Orange Order which is also laughingly called LOL, said bands played music along the stretch as a protest.

“It was done as a protest to the pro-apartheid organisation, otherwise known as the Parades Commission.
“Because it seems to be that we now have an apartheid system in Northern Ireland where we are, and excuse the terminology, where we are the blacks. That’s the way we feel.” 

Has Old Knudsen missed something

I don't think  apartheid means what you think it means you fucking moron. Go ask Mandela if his struggle is in any way similar to yers. You get fed, educated and whatever jobs you want. When was the last time the police ran into you with batons drawn and shot rubber bullets shot at you aimed to kill?

Sam McCrory, if you and yer buddies think that you are the blacks then yer as thick as pigs shit. The Troubles were started over civil rights abuse against the Catholics, they were being held back from education and jobs by the Protestants ... remember? They were keep down in poverty .... remember?

The Catholics are the blacks. You may play the race card everytime you aren't allowed to bully someone  but no one I repeat NO ONE thinks of your organisation as anything but smug bigots full of hatred aimed at the Catholic minority and anything Irish .... even though yer grandparents or great grandparents were Irish but hey lets not get into facts, you don't like facts.

The Orange Order sounds just like the KKK, we aren't against anyone and just want to further God's word. Only his Protestant words that is as no Catholics are allowed to join. 

The KKK wanted to further the white race in America but had nothing against the niggers ... er people of colour.

You aren't even fooling yerself  Mr McCrory, ever met a black person?  wise the fuck up, typical abuser behaviour claiming that you are the victim. 
Yer people run the government with token Catholics at their side, you need to be put in yer place but the right place.