Friday, 5 October 2012

Kay Burley Demonstrates Normal Attitude Towards Children

Kay Burley shown here with her twin sister.

A British news reporter Kay Burley has created outrage on the telly by breaking the news to two volunteers searching for a missing 5 year-old gurl that he'd spoken to the family and they don't expect to find her alive. Burley then went on to ask the searchers 'how do you feel?' It was awkward insensitive TV at its worst.

The volunteers vowed to keep searching and did not want to believe that little April was dead. Police have now said that they only want professionals out looking. I suppose because they expect a crime scene.
If you see Burley , feel free to punch her in the face and then ask her how she feels. 

Five-year-old April Jones was out with other children at 7pm on a Monday night in her town of  Machynlleth in Wales, 250 metres or 820 feet away from her home. She has cerebral palsy and IBS and needs medication.
Sounds like another Madelaine McCann story where young children not under supervision or even in sight get abducted. Its a shame the kids have to pay for bad parenting.  

Mark Bridger a 46 year-old has been arrested in connection with the abduction as his four-wheel drive matches the description of the vehicle April was taken in.

Poor little April, does this look like someone who should have been out on a school night with just her friends? Not to wrap children up in bubble wrap but seriously the parents and the pedo are both at fault. Old Knudsen sees little kids running around all the time with no parent or adult in sight.

Kids only get parental attention when they go missing or need a slap to shut them up. Excuse the fuck out of me if I see this everyday. There may be some good parents out there but not many.

See also the Batman shooting in which young kids were at a midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises in Colorado. The youngest of the 12 people killed at that PG-13 movie was a 6 year-old gurl.

Remember all those parents bringing their children to the Passion of the Christ movie in 2004? They wanted them to share in the torture that Jesus went through........ WTF. 

Sometimes you can get away with being a bad parent but other times fate will make you suffer for the rest of yer life. Better to be a good parent right? This should not have happened. Just like all the other cases.