Monday, 22 October 2012

Jim Wells Hates Women

DUP politician Jim Wells has withdrawn his support for the pedo TV presenter Jimmy Savile after several months of consideration.
His face on a poster along side the Jim'll Fix It logo which is ripped off from Savile's TV show to try and save the Slieve Roe Residential Home from closure he has timidly suggested that it be removed.

"Abusing children isn't a very popular subject right now" said a spokesman "The next health minister can't be seen endorsing a man who went around hospitals touching up children, no matter how big a fan he is." 

Jimmy Savile was unavailable for comment.

Wells ...... the next minister for health has already stated that weemen who are raped should not be allowed to have an abortion but instead hand it over for adoption. He doesn't  want to open the floodgates for 'abortion on demand'  ..... you know like if someone wanted one they would um demand one for many good reasons.

Aborting an unborn child was, he said, merely “punishing” the “ultimate victim” of the crime.

 “In Northern Ireland there are hundreds of married couples who would love to adopt children, a child, a baby, and who could give support in that situation." Do you like that? married couples they haven't adopted any yet but they would give support were that to ever happen.... oh I see.

The current DUP minister of health  Edwin Poots is fighting against a lesbian couple in a civil union, one had a child but Poots is fighting against the rights of the partner to adopt the child.

Not the right kind of couple for the Protestant religious right wing known as the DUP.

Should a woman be forced into nine months of punishment for what someone else did to her? Being reminded everyday about the vicious assault ?

The DUP hates women. Jim Wells will fix it alright, he'll fix it that you are kept in yer place according to the Bible.