Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Its Hero Time

Of the British armed forces the ones you really don't fuck with would be the Paras, The Royal Marines, SAS and the Gurkhas.

If you do fuck with them you'll cum off the worst. That applies to former soldiers as all that training to kill just doesn't go away when you take off the uniform. 

Taitex Phlamachha a former Gurkha had just been to an ATM with his wife when he was pushed up against a wall and told to ‘hand over the money’ or get stabbed. 
Mr Phlamachha a 38 year-old shop owner who served for 13 years did his version of the old Kung-fu TV show warning, “Don’t mess with Gurkhas. We’re trained to fight.”

These guys are certainly trained to fight, they do know fear though and like Old Knudsen himself they mock it. Mock mock mock!
The mugger (fucking civvie) didn't listen and knelt on Mr Phlamachha’s chest before trying to stab him in the stomach four or five times.The Gurkha blocked him, then disabled the knifeman with a kick before holding on to his clothes with one arm.

The blade of the knife had become lodged in his arm, it was the handle that fell to the floor.

During the struggle Phlamachha was able to free his mobile phone from his pocket and throw it to his wife, who called the police.

Mr Phlamachha, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and a second-dan black belt in karate, did not know how badly he was injured until he saw the knife handle on the road.

"I was in pain but it was only when I got to hospital the blade was discovered inside me."

The proud Gurkha who retired last year said:

"Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I will do anything to protect myself and family."
Fuck yeah Mr Phlamachha, Old Knudsen knows where ya cumming from.

Jamie Hall, aged 39, has been charged with attempted robbery, grievous bodily harm with intent, possession of an offensive weapon, common assault and being fucking stupid. Is Jamie no a gurls name?

The world needs hero stories like this as all it seems to get are the cunty stories. Well done Mr Phlamachha at least it was you and not some granny, it certainly wasn't Hall's day. 

This is why we need knives regulated, you can buy them over the counter in shops you know, or online.