Saturday, 6 October 2012

Here Cums The Hammerfest


Idaho famous for its potatoes and white supremacists. Today it will be hosting what can be loosely described as a music festival. The venue for the white power music event isn't known as they only give that out over Twitter or Facebook at the last minute to avoid protests pressuring landowners to cancel the event.
Idaho has been trying to get away from the whole white power label thing even getting rid of the Aryan Nations group in 2001 and turning their 20 acre compound into a peace park. 

Organised  by a load of tossers from the Hammerskin Nation, described as “one of the oldest, most violent and most dominant skinhead groups in the United States.”

Go losers! I'm sure yer mothers are proud, I'd say yer Da's but you probably don't know who they are.

These groups are full of hatred spouting off about the final solution and saying that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. No anti-racist is a code for go fuck yerself dickhead, that doesn't even make sense.

Like Old Knudsen has said, freedom of speech like so many of the ideals that America has is great in theory but not in practice.