Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Finger Food

 What do finger-less wiggers do? .... yer Ma. 

A couple of weeks ago a fisherman who caught a trout in a remote northern Idaho lake got a surprise when he went to gut it. Inside the fish's belly was a human finger.

Old Knudsen would be all, let me stick it on a USB drive or just keep it in a box and scare little children with it.

The fisherman took the finger to the police and after telling them how big the fish was and about the one that nearly pulled him in etc ......... yawn!  they posed for a few pictures with it stuck up their noses and then finger printed it.

Gerrard Butler making sexual advances to Old Knudsen, "c'mon ya fat Scottish fucker use it on me, I dare ya." 

Sorry, got side tracked there..... me weemen crushes still outnumber me man crushes but sheep will always be my first love.

So any way it turns out that the finger belonged to Haans Galassi who was wanted for 3 murders, only kidding but that is the way real police work happens .... pure luck, unless its a traffic violation cos then they'll nail you.

Galassi was wakeboarding on Priest Lake in July and long story 'cut' short he fucked up and the rope attached to a speed boat sliced off four of his fingers.

If Old Knudsen knew a fella named Haans who lost four fingers me life would be complete . Hey can ya lend me a hand with this Haans?..... oh of course ya can but just not the fingers HAHAHA! "I won't call you Haans I'll call you Ha" other people's misfortune makes me smile.

Galassi was asked if he wanted his finger back but said no....... since he knew where that finger had been and I don't mean in the fish. 

It was his pinky finger which would look fucking weird if it was sewn back on. Then again he could do yon hand gesture the knob in the picture is doing ...... like a boss.

The lake was cold and the peelers are keeping it on ice just in case but I doubt it could be re-attached.
We all know the police are keeping it for laughs and will throw it out after their Halloween party.