Thursday, 11 October 2012

Drugged Up Best Friend

Drug dealers are getting dogs hooked on heroin so they will attack police. The narcotic makes the animal junkies extra fierce and aggressive when they are forced to go through detox.
Ian Robb who runs the Angus Dog Shelter, in Forfar Scotland says that dogs are trained to attack police if their homes are raided, its like Train spotting but with werewolves.
Some dogs eat roaches off tables or foods that contain cannabis, but most addicts are on heroin.

Two Staffordshire bull terriers a favourite breed of the drug bosses were put down because they were “bouncing off the walls” said Robb.

It used to be Pitbulls but that breed has been outlawed in the UK. Since Staffordshire bull terriers are similar they'll do. Many shelters get around putting Pitbulls doon by calling them Staffies. 

Everything in Scotland is mean, junkie dogs are meaner than mean..... know what I mean? 

When Old Knudsen grew up in Scotland he lived by his wits, yer Ma would wake you up with a punch in the bake, you'd walk to school over broken bottles and when you got to school the only thing you were taught was how to take a punch .... ah good times. Old Knudsen has an 'A' level in arse kicking, he'd go and get his degree in it but university is for poofs,leezers and mammie's boys. 

Dog expert Lesley Connelly said: “A dog on heroin will run around and be completely manic. If you approach it you will definitely get bitten, then you'll turn into a junkie.”