Monday, 1 October 2012

Covenant Parade Shame

During the idiot parade on Saturday for the 100 years since the signing of the Ulster covenant (a 1912 petition against Dublin ruling over Northern Ireland) a bandsman decided he needed a slash, not to be confused with the sectarian song the sash though both slash and the sash tend to leave a bad taste in yer mouth.
The bandsman who was probably yer typical bandsman..... not too bright, beer gut, neck tattoo and small penis thought that it would be a good idea to piss up against a Catholic church.

Maybe he wanted to impress the rest of the world with his stupidity, maybe he wanted to boost the tourist trade to the south of Ireland because who the fuck would want to cum here with twats like that about? Maybe he wanted to feel like a big man because that is what true heroes do right? I hope his parents and any children he has are proud .... look hes a low class chavy scumbag who should be wearing a nappy (diaper)

Remember this the next time you slag America off for anything, yon dickhead peeing in public would have been arrested and put into a cell just for peeing in public .......... Northern Ireland police, what do they do? um turn a blind eye, they don't want to be causing any trouble you see. If they were feeling brave they would say, "c'mon, please don't do that again." job done.  

The bands were also supposed to play hymns as a sign of respect while passing by Catholic churches, some did play hymns, at the very last minute after playing the sash as they approached the churches and others played hymns in an aggressive fuck you way.

Yet again Old Knudsen has been made to feel proud that hes from Northern Ireland, a cuntry run by Christian rednecks in which thugs and bullies can do as they please...... don't bother going to yer local politician about anything if hes from the DUP  because they lie to yer face. Trust Old Knudsen and his experiences on that. There is no help for reasonable people here. Too much collusion . 

Orange Order Grand Chaplain Rev Mervyn Gibson visited St Mathew's Catholic church to apologise to the priest for the behaviour of a bandsman caught urinating at the church.

Thats a start, of course now they see that as the situation sorted out, no punishment no investigation they are so done.
Will we accept that? Old Knudsen won't because it will just happen again.

I call again for:

No government public funds to be given for parades, marches or bands. None to be given to any sectarian groups in the name of 'culture.'

Insurance to be taken out by those organising such parades and the payment of damages done during such parades, a bill for police protection if needed too.

Parades of this so-called culture that attracts the likes of peeing bandsmen and BNP members do nothing but harm to this cuntry they should not go where they are not welcome.

Police need to outlaw all gangs known as paramilitaries and this includes flags, signs and murals.

We do not have freedom of speech in the UK, time to demonstrate that.