Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cockroach Sandwich

You expect Bear Grylls to eat bugs, you even expect Asians to do it too ..... they go batshit crazy for them. A Happy meal is usually found under a log.
In the civilised world the only bugs we should eat should be the flies in our soup put there by a resentful waiter ...... is there any other type of waiter?

In Florida a man died during a cockroach eating competition. After consuming a large quantity of cockroachs and worms the man surprisingly collapsed.

Yeah in Florida shit like that goes on. Zombies eat faces, people who aren't zombies yet think, oh we can have a hotdog eating competition ........ or we can eat cockroaches. No no, says Hal at the back "lets eat feces" I like yer thinking Hal but this isn't Arizona.

Stop being such dirty mingers. Oh lets go to Thailand and eat bugs like the natives, oh why don't we fuck a gurlyboy while we're here too?

Well that part sounds reasonable.

C'mon lass Old Knudsen has to stick his tongue or other body parts into yer mouth, he doesn't want to go around smelling like cock.... roach.

If its for charity then I supposed anything goes. The UK is big on charity. You can't go into a supermarket without seeing half the staff on treadmills rattling buckets at you ........fuck off! I just wan some beans and a loaf.

"Support children of abuse" aye ok, I'm sure the wee fuckers deserve it, I'll support it. You with the guide dogs with cancer can go fuck, this fella is a child abuser and proud of it, courage like that to stand up and face what you are deserves my 5p.