Tuesday, 23 October 2012

C'mon Fido Suck It!

"Why are men so obsessed with breasts?" says the woman. Fuck up and just show me yer honkers!

There was this story about a woman who breast feed her Pug dog, it didn't need it but she liked to do it because her other children never breast feed and now her dog makes her feel more like a mother.

It goes without saying that this woman is American .... where else huh? So if I stick my dick into me pet Poodle  because it makes me feel more of a father will I get into the papers? ... yeah it probably would, and prison.  This is just fucking sick! weemen are icky and gross .

Imagine weemen who have to turn to their puppies to get their puppies sucked on.

Its not just one sicko. I thought it was men who went around looking for things to suck on him, weemen are fucking weird!

Look even the crazy cat ladies are getting in on it.

I refuse to believe that this woman cannot get anyone to suck on their diddies. Old Knudsen would use her shite for toothpaste ..... if he brushed his teeth.

I had this babe suck me off yesterday, she wasn't a babe she was a total pig!

Just because you can roll up yer norks like a tube of toothpaste doesn't mean you should.

Look at that poor wee boy, he totally wants to suck on those jubblies but Harold the helper monkey gets treated better even though the throws his own shit.

Even weemen with National Geographic tits are doing it, hope thats not a cigarette behind yer ear. Everything you take into yer body goes into yer milk, are ya gonna support yer pig's smoking habit too?
I bet Charlie Sheen with his Tiger's blood breastfeed off this hottie.

There cums a point when you have to call time out, yer doggie has started to mount weemen for titty milk and yer son is 37 and his wife is annoyed. Theres a reason why this is for babies, not yer pet or yer Sunday dinner.

Just look at that, how fucking disgusting! oh no wait its a baby, thats ok.