Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Binders Full Of Weemen

With age cums memory loss ........ hold on, I had a thought there, no its gone. With age cums memory loss ya know. Old Knudsen's wank bank is constantly being robbed by time bandits. He has to stare at weemen for longer to commit their sexy bodies to memory. Thank Gog for computers and cameras however if this dread machine should ever break Old Knudsen is not stupid enough to bring it in to be fixed. "I'm just fixing yer hard drive and clicking through yer saved images like I did for Gary Glitter" away an fuck! .... not that I've anything to hide, hey you've seen me blog, figure it out.

Like Romney, Old Knudsen has binders full of weemen. Ya still need a wank during power cuts and at the end of the world. Old Knudsen doesn't judge you when you've not had yer 10 cups of coffee so don't judge him.

Gog made us in his image according to mythology so I'm sure he knocks one out now and again.