Friday, 5 October 2012

Best E-mail Ever!

How are things? Im Lidiya. i search a man. My hobbies are walking and drawing. i still await your letter! Regards, Lidiya...}

Best e-mail ever! straight forward with her intentions, I got a bit bored with her life story though.
She sent a picture and I must say that it makes Old Knudsen's parts tingle........ it doesn't take much.
I can see the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Dear Lidiya it was nice to hear from you. My hobbies are fighting, drinking, being anti-social and spunking on weemen's tits. I'd really like to meet you.
I shall arrange a meeting place, do not tell anyone where you are going as I'm shy.

More pictures with less clothes would be an appropriate next move in our relationship.

Best wishes

Creepy old guy you know nothing about.