Thursday, 18 October 2012

Belfast Abortion

Dawn Purvis programme director with Marie Stopes Northern Ireland.

So.... Northern Ireland is getting its very first abortion clinic. How do you think thats going? In a cuntry with pro life loving Catholics on one side and pro life loving Protestants on the other. Considering that many of those pro lifers are in high up government positions how do you think its going?

A big hand for The Marie Stopes Charity.      

Weemen in Ireland north and south have been second class citizens all their lives. The rest of the UK can have an abortion but not Appalachia like Ireland with its dueling banjos and tractor loving Bible bashers. 

It isn't illegal in Northern Ireland but its been made so strict that any infringement of the law would be illegal which is why the weemen either have their children and treat them like shite, give them away to the pathetic care system that dumps them out as soon as they can or they go to England and pay for an abortion.

This cuntry is full of people who shouldn't have dogs neither mind children. Remember, we only like children when they go missing. "We went to the pub for the night and little Jenny was happily playing on the road when we left and now shes missing, don't worry we took lots of heart breaking photos for the news and for flyers and t-shirts."  

The Marie Stopes Charity is worldwide, its done it all and now it sees a niche. Its a business and has a huge legal team that has actually put some research into things.

Don't you have dishes that need washed love? Meat is also murder, fancy a kebab? 

Old Knudsen doesn't like the thought of killing babies but a lifetime of being unwanted and unloved is worse.
It is the weemen's body and if there is a good reason for her not to want a child then fair enough, maybe it was a mistake getting pregnant and its not like anyone who goes in looking for an abortion makes the choice flippantly no matter what shite is shared on FaceBook.

(Woman wants an abortion because she already has a young child and doesn't want her children so close together in age. The doctor suggests killing her already born child instead)

Some people on FB will believe anything.

If there are some many people out there who can't have kids but want children then why are the care homes still overflowing? Oh thats right they only want the cute white babies.
I don't see all these pro-life people banging on about adopting the unwanted children... two faced cunts!

Its not an easy thing to do and cunts standing outside throwing paint at you or spitting on you calling you a murderer doesn't help, keep the fuck out of other people's business.

There is a drug you can easily get online to terminate yer pregnancy. The first thing the clinic will do for most cases is get that drug for you and you can do it with doctors at hand rather than in the privacy of yer own home hoping nothing goes wrong..... makes it safer and makes money on it . You were going to do it anyway.
They will also arrange a later stage termination all within the guidelines of the Northern Ireland law.

Edwin Poots is a dumb Protestant DUP minister of health. Hes the one in control of our health care and believes the earth to be only 6,000 years old......... yeah I know.

He is now flapping about with his fellow farmer Bible bashers being suitably outraged that they might lose some control because these guys are all for political laws being influenced by religion... as long as its their religion.

Poots has called for the police to get involved. "Abortion is a criminal law matter which is covered by criminal justice."

The police on the other hand say, what the fuck do we know about abortion?  We did ask you 5 years ago to clear up the law on abortion and you said, ok I'll get back to you on that but as usual with the DUP they don't because then they would look bad if what they really thought came out also that means they had to do some work.

Oh and we're really enjoying all the police cuts now excuse me I have a sectarian parade to baby sit.

I hope the well woman's clinic rather than abortion clinic doesn't cave in to the idiot bullies. Old Knudsen sees this as a step forward that should have been made decades ago. Would Jesus condemn the weemen? no he'd say let he without sin cast the first stone.

If he had a problem with something he'd make his point and move on he wouldn't keep on at it trying to wear the other doon.
Its a hard enough decision to make, a hard enough walk to the front door of the clinic. If you are against abortion then don't have one. I doubt Poots will be having one.

Victoria Jackson the US comedian and outspoken Conservative Christian says she wouldn't have an abortion even if she was raped.

Challenge accepted!

Shes a crazy bitch without the trauma of getting raped. Good for her does that make her a better person? Just because she is willing to have the child, to put up with the child even though it reminds her of the 5 guys who raped her and gave her herpes and oh no she isn't resentful and subconsciously takes it out on the child by withholding love. Does that make her a better person than gurl who has actually thought it through and is getting an abortion ?