Thursday, 18 October 2012

Amanda Todd

Old Knudsen feels that he has to get into the whole Amanda Todd thing as he is pissed off. For those who live in a cave (as Osama has moved out) here is a brief outline of her story.

A 12 year-old gurl from Canada got talking to a guy online and flashed her tits at him. You know what tweens and teens are like their judgement can be bad and they don't think about what could happen.

The guy was older than her and from the US. He took a screen capture of her boobs then he set about pretending to be a kid about to go to Amanda's school and friended her friends. He sent yon tit picture to them and to teachers and so she got a load of crap from school, people calling her a porn star etc.

Amanda moved cities and schools but the guy kept coming after her going undercover on FaceBook finding out details about her life.
She fell for a guy in real life and you know what emotionally vulnerable gurls are like, always the wrong guy. He pretended to be single but had a long term gurlfriend and he and Amanda had sex .... she thought he liked her and was probably desperate for someone to like her, people like that tend to over look faults like, oh hes in prison for a double homicide or something like that. She also got into drink and drugs a little at the time.

The gurlfriend found out and her and 15 of her friends turned up at her school and she got beat up while the other kids watched or recorded it on their phones.

Amanda now aged 15 tried to kill herself by drinking bleach but was caught in time and flushed out at the hospital, she then finally managed it by hanging herself.  

The thing about hanging is that it can last a good while, yer hanging there choking to death but there is no going back even if you changed yer mind. I wonder how long a wee thing like her struggled for.

Just a normal teenage gurl. 3 years of constant pressure can destroy.

You might say that Amanda is pretty, sure. The Youtube she made was quite moving. The story she told maybe makes you think how stupid it was that this caused her to be depressed enough to no longer want to live.
Why has this hit the news in the way it has?

All of the above. The media and the people always have to pick out a face to champion for.

You may be excused for thinking that Madeleine McCann is the only child that has ever been abducted. 

I'm not sure if it does more harm than good when a face and story has been chosen. The public are quite fickle with the attention span of hummingbirds, after hearing for weeks about some tragedy the next one that comes along might be faced with apathy because the people have moved onto something else and teen suicide, child abduction, they wore the ribbon and signed the petition.... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US? ..... Africa, Iraq next? ..... nope not white or cute enough.
Malala Yousafzai the brave blogger girl from Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban is getting medical treatment in the UK.
Why her? well shes pretty, intelligent, media friendly and the BBC highlighted her case. No one else is getting airlifted to the UK to get NHS treatment.  

We always hear about one individual while so many we don't hear about happens all the time. 

What about the bullying that occurs in real life? Fuck cyber bullying if its so bad then get off FaceBook. Its the stuff that effects yer everyday existence that is more important. Old Knudsen had a cyberbully or spamming campaign against him  Spam blog

There was also another recent spammer but they weren't as dedicated as the ones in my blog. When Old Knudsen was a young boy he was bullied by larger kids, Picts from the wild hills they were.

Even then Young Knudsen pushed back. Not all bullies are cowards, some are just crazy the constant fights did not deter their clan.
The ones on the Interweb are cowards though. Would they say the things they have said to Old Knudsen's face? probably, definitely not and if they did I'd have to do the cowlick maneuver to stop them from choking on their teeth.

Old Knudsen hates bullies, sadistic cowards, chickenhawks and those who prey on those who are weaker than them.

It doesn't matter what the big brave people behind the fake avatar says about Old Knudsen because hes said it already, if they call him names, well hes probably called himself that already.

You can only be hurt by those you let hurt you. Its easier for Old Knudsen to say whatever than it is a hormone filled emotional teenager as everything seems so much more urgent and important, not many teens have perspective, they are act and re-act.

Poor Amanda Todd, she made quite a few stupid moves but wasn't given the chance to move on and learn from them which she should have been allowed to do. The pedo that got her to flash and that stalked her needs to go camping out in the desert with Old Knudsen.

Where were the parents? sometimes you can have the best parents in the world but the kids hide and lie things from them no matter what. Its a matter of trust, if you don't feel you can talk to someone about yer deep dark secrets then you just don't trust them.
Not told yer spouse yer deepest fears? well thats not because you and them aren't deep its because you don't trust them enough maybe to not judge you or you think they'll see you differently afterwards....... the worse thing you can think of is that they make fun of what you tell them.

Old Knudsen isn't judging you Amanda, flashing yer tits, having underage sex, drinking and doing drugs ....... technically its yer life even though yer parents really own you until you are an adult but if you are willing to accept the consequences then fine, if you confided in Old Knudsen he'd tell you to wise the fuck up.
If you complain to him that yer life is falling apart more because you didn't listen to him he'll start to wonder why you are talking to him if you don't listen or want help.

Her school failed her and her parents failed her, she was 15 for fucks sake and a lot of it was out in the open and online.

Old Knudsen could have been there for Amanda, there is only so much you can do on the Interweb but like in the first picture at least she'd have somebody until she was strong enough. 

It was a waste of life and such a stupid reason to die for. That is what gets Old Knudsen the most. Also if you join her FaceBook memorial pages you'll see people making comments still slagging her off.
No one should have to put up with morons like that. I hope those immature little fucks get the same treatment when they need help.