Monday, 15 October 2012

Al Qaeda And The Taliban Are Total Small Willy Losers


Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri said the film made in the United States mocking the Prophet Mohammed showed Washington was waging a "crusader Zionist war" against Muslims and he called for more protests outside American embassies.

Is this a surprise? Yes it was made in the US but only right wing fanatics from Hemet support it. No one in their right mind could support this.

It makes the Life of Brian look realistic.
It was made for 5 million and took 3 weeks to shoot, guess what yer gonna get for that.... yep shite.

Ok so hes right about the Zionist war, when it cums doon to it that is the reason the Israelis were given Israel rather than a big chunk of Germany.  Now don't you go complaining about crusades Mr Zawahiri if that is even yer name, what about yon holy war yer engaging in with Christianity?

We know what you and yer Taliban chums are like, shooting a pretty 14 year-old gurl as she returned home from school in Pakistan.

All she wants is education oh and maybe some rights. In 2008 the Taliban destroyed over 150 schools and they haven't stopped. Malala Yousafzai you are a total hero, get better soon.

Al Qaeda and the Tallyban are just bullies. They want the weemen and children to do exactly what they are told to do and use oppressive religious reasons to enforce it.
Probably because they are insecure men with small willies that were never hugged as children.

Why does everyone seem to look at a religion based on love and understanding and only pick out the bits in which they can dominate others? ........... yeah I'm also looking at you Caleb foundation, Orange Order and the Vatican.

Zawahiri yer talking hate, this is a total Orange Order move calling for protests, its like shooting a gun off in a dark room full of people, you just never know what will happen. You don't even have to do the work, dickheads who hear yer call will do it for you.

"Hi Zawahiri, this is Allah, just dropping in to say that you suck and its my will that you and yer supporters kill yourselves ......... peace out baby."

Zawahiri said US authorities "permitted the film in the name of personal freedom and freedom of expression" but failed to practise those values in its treatment of Muslims imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well you can't please everyone especially the enemy who want to behead you with a pocket knife. Its freedom in the US but Americans forget/don't care that the rest of the world doesn't like freedom. The Yanks locked up US citizens of Japanese descend during WWII then asked a load of them to fight for them ....... they aren't too bright I think you expect too much from them Zawahiri .

The last word is, don't go blowing up buildings and buses if you don't like retaliation its as simple as that.
Put yer weapons doon in the name of Allah and go do something good with yer lives cos Allah is well pissed off. Look at his face, hes smiling but not really.