Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Real Picture Of Jesus

An old photograph believed to be the only real life picture of Jesus was uncovered in the archives of Saint Octavien's cathetdral in southern France.

The picture is said to have been taken on the same day that he healed Jutimus of the weeps boils. Maybe its Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or even Ringo next to him suggesting that he should wash his hands. 

The Photograph has not been tested for age as church experts believe that damage could be done to it should someone with even the tiniest doubt of its authenticity touch it or look at it for too long.

While some experts argue that the man in the centre is actually Jesus that won't stop thousands of easy marks paying the small fee at the cathedral to view it. 

Vatican officials have stated that the photo turning up at this point of time isn't a ploy and is really a sign from God and that Jesus has returned and is amongst us, just a slob like one of us. It is also a sign that the Vatican is the obvious leader in spiritual matters and that the rest are Hell bound unless they convert.

Well fuck Old Knudsen senseless, ya can't beat that for proof.