Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Liar Has To Have A Good Memory

In an earlier post Old Knudsen may have suggested that comedian Freddie Starr lied when he said that he has always been a tea teetotaler. Some of us can remember the 70's and 80's Mr Starr.
He also said that he only met Jimmy Savile the TV presenter accused of abusing numerous underage gurls twice and briefly and that Mr Starr had never met the woman (Karin Ward) whom he tried to molest in Savile's dressing room. He also said that he'd never been to the BBC.

TV footage of Starr from Savile's BBC Clunk click show has been uncovered, behind Starr is Karin Ward.

Go on Freddie deny something else.

Who else was involved?

This case has uncovered a can of worms at the BBC. Many reputable weemen are cumming out and saying they were groped or otherwise molested by male co-workers. Not a thing you'd easily forget.

Sexism still continues at the Beep as it does all over the UK. You get a woman taking a high powered governmental job and the newspaper does a spread on whats shes wearing.

The royal family and Margret Thatcher were friends of Savile, a man with a horrible northern accent who dressed like a pedo chav . Old Knudsen wishes that Savile was still alive to face all of this.

                                                  Pedo chav.