Saturday, 22 September 2012

Zombies? ... Nah Just Drunk

Zombie Apocalypse or just Saturday night? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Even after several blows to the head they may still be groaning, tough zombie or someone who won't die?

There is no sure fire method to work it out unless you chain them up and see if they sober up but if you get it wrong you'll have some tough questions to answer.

No its ok I'm Christian Grey! Is this shit sexy or what?

You can call the police but if they get bitten all you'll have are zombies with guns (unless you live in England or Ireland as they don't have real armed police, they give the criminals a sound talking to)

"Have you heard the word of God?"

If in doubt remove the head and destroy the brain or around here just grab their cigarettes and throw them, zombie or not they'll go after those puppies and by the time they return to either knock yer pan in or bite you ...... or maybe both knowing the spides round here yer off doon the road.