Saturday, 29 September 2012

Who Is Tulsia?


Upon returning to the land of the dead, er I mean the UK, Old Knudsen kept hearing about some lass who had a sex tape out. Her name was Tulisa and was famous (over here) somehow. I just thought she was one of the many reality show people that the British media pass off as being a celeb ... in other words someone completely unknown in America.

People may be famous in the UK and maybe even be a cultural icons for the last 50 years but when you go States side you soon realise what small fish they are.

Tulisa is a hip hop singer-songwriter with her cousin named Dappy which sounds like nappy, as in nappy headed hos  (see Don Imus)

Going by appearance I take it hes a comic too, if you went by his eyebrows you'd think he was ghey but no, hes just Greek..... nice neck tat, I think the Queen has one like that oh and yer granny wants her ear rings back.

Tulisa like many others in UK showbiz is an average looking gurl, a little pretty, not Hollywood pretty but ok for the UK.
She became a judge on the X-Factor which is like American Idol and right now she is promoting her book. Saying in it.

“My job as a judge on the X Factor was to smile and be smart and funny. But underneath I was petrified of being made to look like a slapper in front of the nation.”

How could you ever think she was a slapper? Not her fault yon sex tape got released BTW. Its shite when someone you trusted puts out yer sex tape, Old Knudsen knows the pain as he has released many. Have ya seen the one of Old Knudsen with Barbara Walters? fucking nasty it is.... and its on sale 15% off if you contact me within the next 10 minutes. 

No slapper has ever worn animal print short skirts or had tattoos

Now Tulsia is taking about how she was raped when someone spiked her drink. Like Kim Kardashian it looks like she is trying to make her career out of sex and her bad sexual experiences as if they are something to interest the reader with in absence of something interesting to say. I'm sure the younger and less cool of yous know her songs but seriously she has definitely not becum famous for her music.

Put this lass amongst the other so-called celebs and I wouldn't be able to pick her out from the other slappers.... er ladies.

Look its British celebs! .......... where?

Old Knudsen likes to study others though at the moment there is so much of the same thing. If it wasn't for soccer players wanting to shag tarts like this none of them would have a career or fame.