Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Trackers Covering Tracks

When the Boy Scouts of America came out with commercials showing 12 year-olds with beards no one even suspected they meant that they were going to turn yer child into a man by making him take it like a man.

For over two decades, the scouts failed to report hundreds of child molesters in their ranks to police and often hid the incidents from parents and the public.

Secret files called 'The perversion files' have been used since 1919 as an internal scout record. 1,600 of these confidential files dating from 1970 to 1991 show the scouts urging offenders to quietly resign and helped cover up their tracks.

In 1982, a Michigan Boy Scout camp director who learned of repeated abuse by a staff member was told by his supervisors and legal counsel to keep the situation quiet...... this happened a lot.

Arthur W. Humphries a model scout had 50 years in Scouting winning two presidential citations and the Scouts' top award for distinguished service. He was a serial child molester .

Scouting official Jack Terwilliger said that no one had suspected a thing even though it was in Humphries' file that Terwilliger had interviewed him about abuse on a 12 year-old,  then 2 years later they gave him strong letters of recommendation when he applied for a post at a national Scouting event.

Humphries went on to abuse 5 other boys until an anonymous tip to the police caught him in 1984. 151 years in prison which the sneaky cunt cheated us out of by dying.

Scouts and what not have always seemed a little creepy to Old Knudsen, maybe because you can see how they can be molded to the will of a sicko ........ see Hitler Youth.

Boys in a military like uniforms saluting with grown men wearing shorts in charge of them, nope I don't like it.
Add some religion and you got more child abuse all brought together under the loving eyes of Gog, who likes to watch rather than intervene.

"No I'm letting them have free will .....  yeah ok the children don't have any free will I just want to see if they'll turn into monsters themselves when they grow up and abuse other kids . Its a rigged game alright .... nothing on the telly ya see." 

I'm sure that many have slipped through the scouts without ever getting raped and maybe they look back and think how the scouts made them into fine people but one child getting diddled is too much, never mind the thousand odd that we know a little about.