Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Truth About Obama

Hire me ..... hire me ...... hire me ...... send me sexy pictures ...... hire me ...... hire me

Under the opinion for hire scheme that Old Knudsen has on at the moment he was hired not for opinion but instead for evidence.

Dear Old Knudsan

I can't give my name or any details of my occupation for security reasons. Fact is I need some popularity right now but instead of that I'm willing to have my enemy look bad. His name is Barack Obama and I need proof that he is a terrorist loving Muslim. 

Yours sincerely

Mitt Romney  DOH!

Here is the proof that Barack Obama is a Muuzlim and thats an easy undeclared $5000 well earned.

I'll tell ya what hes doing here. On his head is a traditional taqiyah or soul cap which is worn to prevent the soul from leaving the body should he eat a bacon sandwich, pet a dog or see a woman's bare arm by accident.

He appears to be checking this wall for weakness probably to blow it up or something.

Turns out that Barack Obama is the only one in the phone book and I shit you not hes the President of America. Just North America, not sure who the president of the south is.

Found out some other shit like the Kenyan village where Obama was born and the murder he got away with when he was 13 years-old but thats gonna cost ya.

He wasn't the only US president that was a mueslim. George Bush the president who served for 3 terms was also one. There are claims that he was in fact linked to Al-Qaeda and going by his presidential record I can see why you'd think that.  

Old Knudsen, on the ball finding out the truth so you can be safe. Sort of like Julian Assange but more popular in Sweden, and unlike Assange Old Knudsen is a sexy creepy not a creepy creepy.