Monday, 17 September 2012

The Guy With The Eye

Jason Barnum from Alaska sits during his trial not such a big man now. A string of burglaries and a shoot out with the peelers that left him wounded in the shoulder .... like in the movies.

He is also accused of shooting one of the police officers when the bullet 'slipped doon the back of his bullet proof vest' giving the officer a few stitches. 

He was said to be high during the shoot out and I guess his bullets were too. As you know bullets can do some strange things when fired, just ask JFK. 

But what about that fucking eye?

Not scary but enough to make you cringe and yer own eye weep. A tattooed eyeball..... WTF.

Seen here in his Facebook picture, yeah I'd friend him ......... not!

What a dick!

If yer gonna be a criminal make sure you are easy to recognise.