Friday, 14 September 2012

The Greatest Love Of All

There are many expressions formed by stereotypes that get thrown around such as 'little man syndrome' or 'that time of the month' or 'boys will be boys,' sayings used to glibly explain a negative behaviour or something we just don't like and choose to ignore .

Stereotypes are tools used by the shallow thinker usually to try to pigeon hole people. Old Knudsen uses them all the time because he has to talk to you lot.

Niggers have big dicks, can dance are lazy and probably undereducated criminals ....... I did say Nigger because if yer going to go with observational racism you might as well go the whole hog.     

Fat people are lazy with no self respect.

The English are polite, stoic with a cheery but reserved attitude. 

Or maybe not, stereotypes tend to last for a long time and usually outlive the original reason for them.

I want to talk about generalizations made by family. Most of the harm done to people when they grow up was usually caused by their family or those who raised them. A lot of these issues lay under the surface and now as adults they have dinner and talk about their own children but they never go away.

Having a large family that seems to get along fine .... except for you. There was always something different about you, the family always talked to you differently sort of keeping you ar arms length or did it seem like that because you needed more but it wasn't on offer?

Siblings ganging up is common enough and is accepted as the norm, doesn't make it right. Especially when its condoned by the parents or rather just ignored by them.

Old Knudsen has long wondered about low self-esteem and self-loathing. Getting negativity thrown at you by those who are supposed to love you wears you doon and you start to belief it.

Happens in many marriages too which is why they last so long because maybe you believe that no one wants you and you'll never do as well as the prick you married.

When you hear people telling you how crap you are what you are actually hearing is their subconscious thoughts about themselves. What you are actually hearing is their issues. What you are actually hearing is their need to put you doon because its better than putting themselves doon .... why should you be happy when I'm not? 

All those glib expressions are tacit appeasement to dismiss you. Just because you are paranoid does not mean that people are not out to get you.
People are out to get Old Knudsen because you never make enemies unless you take a stand about something and he does not let bullshit go by without calling it.

You're overreacting ........ no you are under-reacting, just because you are passionate about anything or have the empathy to care.
Weeman's trouble, time of the month ....... yes it actually is and it isn't helped by you being a prick.
Little man with anger issues ......... Because everyone else is taller including those who think they can bully the midget.
Boys will be boys ........ and when they grow up they'll be cunts because they weren't taught manners and boundaries as a child.
Black people are lazy criminals ......... Not having opportunities for work and education makes white people (see the UK) also appear as lazy criminals.
The English are so polite ......... that is because they are putting you doon on a higher level than you can understand, much like the Japanese ....... they can say thank you which really means fuck you.
What an odd ball ........ Diversity and I don't get it.
Fat people are lazy and have no self-respect or they wouldn't be that fat ....... What is the reason for being fat? eating for comfort is usually the main issue which makes you unhealthy and yer depression has already zapped any energy or will for improvement. Rape, abused as a child or low esteem caused by other things mentioned in this post.

Self-loathing is normal .. if you are surrounded by cunts who have altered yer thinking by basically brain washing you.
Its also normal if you've done things in the past that you aren't proud of.

Heres Old Knudsen's tips to stop torturing yerself.

Just stop and decide to begin life again. If you can fix the things you aren't proud of then do it, if not then forgive yerself for doing them and vow to learn from it and never repeat them.

We all do mistakes in life and the biggest one is not learning from them.

Think about who puts you doon. Do you respect them? does their opinion of you matter and if so then why?
You'll soon figure out that family or not, these people are just walking bags of negativity.

Decide to not care what they think. Old Knudsen only cares about the opinions of those he respects and respect is earned by how they treat others and live their lives. Not because they are family or have a successful business or a high level of college education ..... Cunts can be rich, funny and intelligent but they are still cunts. No one except Old Knudsen is better than you.

So forgive yerself and move on, no one is perfect the important thing is to try to be better, like drug or drink addiction you may slip up now and again but soon you'll like yourself better and when others see that their negative comments roll off yer back they won't stop but their power will be taken.

Don't let people have power over you by making you angry or upset..... only you can give them that power.

I'm no preaching at you.

I'm not making you read my posts.
If you want to continue being a sad sack wallowing in yer own juices then dismiss my words.
Old Knudsen is just a crazy, fake, nutjob who didn't go to university and go on to earn a lot of money so why listen to him?

I'm used to being dismissed ...... I'm also used to always being right, its a total bitch enjoy yer wallow.