Monday, 24 September 2012

The English Police Are Armless

British police ready to hydrate at a moments notice.

So two unarmed female police officers Fiona Bone, 32 and Nicola Hughes, 23 were lured to their deaths by a “routine” burglary call. They were cut doon in a hail of bullets and blown up with a grenade. This happened in Manchester ..... England.

It seems that 7 days previously a source warned police that gangsters were targeting ­Manchester cops, armed response teams were put on red alert, with all trained officers on permanent standby. The unarmed police were not told.

Police looking armed and ready  ...... after the attack.

One-eyed Dale Cregan walked into a police station and handed himself in. All very suspicions him doing that, its as if the criminals can do anything because UK prison time is a doddle. Give him up to save this etc.

I notice that when the British police top brass answer about why the UK police aren't armed they refer to America and how being armed doesn't save the cops ....... what bullshit!

They are playing on the British fear of guns  ...... we prefer to get stabbed or beat to death. When talk of arming the police cums up, the media show the usual pictures of the tough looking cop with his Heckler & Koch MP5 around his shoulder and ask you 'is this what you want to see on British streets?'

Look at the Yank cop above, he has a hand gun and probably a shotgun in his car, this wide body doesn't look intimidating to me , you barely notice their weapons.

If Old Knudsen was in trouble from a group of 10 Tallyban lovers or local chavs he'd like to see a cop with a gun, not some twat with pepper spray and a taser holding his dick.

Here in Northern Ireland the police all carry side arms. Weemen peelers didn't used to but now do. Police officers still get killed, mostly due to terrorist bombs.

The police in the Republic of Ireland are unarmed and Old Knudsen often hears stories about officers including females getting their shit kicked in on a regular basis, its sad. 

Guns don't give officers false gun courage as suggested by some, why not be armed? the criminals are. Its better to have a gun and not use it rather than not have one and need it.

Criminals in Northern Ireland lure cops into traps all the time its an insult not to arm police.

There is a survey bandied about that says the majority of British police do not want to be armed. Well they probably don't want their jobs and budget cut either which happened after said survey . Its worrying if they did say no to firearms, it means they are willing to risk lives to be out of date and quaint.  

Being armed probably would not have saved them. Its called an ambush people. It would not have raised the issue 'are police well enough equipped for the job?' Maybe a focus on the gangsters would have happened instead.
No point having guns if you don't have any tough laws to punish offenders.

Its all about money when you get doon to it. Spending on guns, ammo and training. If a peeler was approaching a building in which their might still be a criminal, would they have their hand on their taser or their Glock ? ....... the answer is Glock .... unless they have a Sig.

The British are fucking pussies when it cums to firearms, the fat Americans are laughing at us dude.